What to Consider When you replace your Old Lights with LED Type?

LED lights are efficient type and they consume on average half the energy of the fluorescent lights and fraction of the incandescent and halogen lights. Also, LED Lights have longer lifespan and therefore, reduce the rates of replacing the faulty lights, which lead to savings in the materials and maintenance costs as well. LED Lights are safer for disposal because unlike fluorescent lights, they don’t have mercury toxicity.

First thing to consider when you decide to replace your old lights with LED type is that you should apply for a government rebate. Most of the Australian States have rebate scheme for LED lights replacement such as Victorian Energy Upgrade scheme in Victoria. If you decide to hire a specialist like us to supply and install the LED lights for you, then make sure they are approved installer by the government rebate scheme so you can get the rebate. If you hire us to do the work for you, then our partner will complete the paperwork for you to get you the government rebate.

You should also consider replacing the whole light fitting instead of replacing only the light tubes and bulbs for the following reasons:

  • Fitting may be broken, yellowed or also tough to remove diffuser due to age.
  • Lamp holders in old fittings may be corroded and may not accept the new LED Tube.
  • If the fitting fails at any stage now or in the future, you will need to upgrade the fitting at some point.
  • You need to use a quality product, as you have one chance to claim your subsidy from the government.
  • New fitting, aesthetically better look with all new internals (i.e. chip, driver, diffuser…etc).
  • All old fittings are recycled correctly.
  • More energy savings as lumens per watt are great in a fitting replacement.
  • More options such as Tri-Colour, wattage control (on some fittings)…etc.


Replacing the old lights with new LED lights gives you also a chance to reduce the number of the lights fittings or their lumens if the rooms are originally over lighted compared to the required light levels in the Australia Standard AS/NZS1680. This means more energy savings and more reduction in the CO2 emissions. This can be done by selecting the new LED lights output (lumen) based on the room size and the elevation of the lights above the work stations to meet the light level and recommendations stipulated in the Australian Standard AS/NZS1680. You should note that if the building operates over the night then you should take this into account when you select the required lights output.

For a free quote to replace your old lights with LED lights, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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