Post-Energy Audit Services

In AESS we believe in providing our clients comprehensive services and complete with them their journey for better building energy efficiency and better environment for the coming generation.

We strive to help our clients achieve their energy saving and sustainability targets from the time they engage us to conduct energy audit and energy assessment until the system upgrades are completed and achieve the required savings.

Post Energy Audit Services Australia

To help our clients in their journey for sustainable future, we provide the following services:

  • Preparing Tender Documents: We help our clients by preparing the tender documents so they can request a quotation or proposal from qualified contractors to implement our recommended energy conservation measures. We can prepare conceptual design, write technical specifications and prepare tender documents to make sure the contractor understand the intent and purpose of the energy conservation measures, which they will propose to implement.
  • Project Management: We manage and supervise the implementation work of the energy conservation measures to make sure they meet the intent of the design and achieve the required savings. Our project management services starts after preparing the tender documents and covers project planning, procurement/tendering stage, contract award and until the construction is completed.
  • Measurement & Verification: After implementing the energy conservation measures and project upgrade is finished, the building owner needs to know and verify whether the upgrade has achieved the required savings or not. To help our clients verify that, AESS can measure and verify the measurements according to the best practice guidelines (IPMVP) and report to the client the achieved savings. This is done by monitoring the energy consumption before and after the upgrade using energy monitoring equipment.
Energy Efficiency Tender Documents

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