About Us

About AESS

Because of our commitment and responsibility to protect the environment for the coming generation in addition to our passion for innovation, we founded Applied Energy Saving Solutions (AESS) in Melbourne, Australia to provide energy audits and energy saving consultation to its clients.

All this was supported by a vast and solid experience in the mechanical and electrical systems that consume energy in the buildings and houses.

About Applied Energy Saving Solutions (AESS)

Our services are provided to our clients by a Professional Engineer whether the client is home owner or a commercial firm. We don't have small or big job and we take care of all our clients and provide them with professional services.

We can assess the efficiency of all the systems that consume energy in the building to provide energy saving solutions to our clients. Some of the systems that we can assess their efficiency are listed below:

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC).
  • Refrigeration Systems.
  • Domestic Hot Water Systems.
  • Lighting Systems.
  • Motor Systems.
  • Office Equipment.