Home Energy Audit

In any home there are so many appliances and equipment consume energy (electricity & gas) without our knowledge on how these appliances operate and how they consume and waste energy. The energy wastage by these appliances lead to higher energy bills and more CO2 emissions, which causes global warming. In many other cases, these appliances are not energy efficient and needs modifications, upgrade or even replacement.

Therefore, AESS role is to conduct energy audit to the homes to assess the efficiency of these appliances and educate the home owners on how to use them efficiently and cut the energy wastage. Also, we recommend to the home owners what type of modifications or replacement they need to implement to increase the efficiency of these appliances.

We go even further than this by performing energy saving calculations to show the home owners how much they will spend on the appliance modification/replacement, how much they will save money per year and also how many years it will take to get their money back from the savings. We also show them how much CO2 emissions can be reduced.

Residential Energy Efficiency Assessment

Home Energy Audit Scope

Below is a summary of our residential energy audit scope for home owners.
Home Energy Audit in Melbourne
  1. Review energy bills to identify any anomalies.
  2. Inspect all the appliances that consume energy such as Air Conditioner, Refrigerator and kitchen appliances, lighting bulbs, hot water appliances...etc.
  3. We sit with the home owners to explain to them how these appliances operate and how they can waste energy. Sometimes we waste energy by using these appliances in a wrong way.
  4. After that, we explain to the home owners what modification/replacement they need to implement to increase the appliances efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
  5. We perform the energy saving calculations to advise the home owners on how much they need to spend money and how much time it will take to get their money back.
  6. We can help in sourcing and comparing energy saving products that the home owners need to buy to improve their appliances efficiency.

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