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Capitol Grand Energy Audit

A residential building consists of two towers. The large tower, which consists of 50 floors, has 380 apartments and the small tower, which consists of 10 floors, has 75 apartments. It is new building that was built in 2019. It houses around 900 residents. Our energy audit identified 11 energy saving opportunities and our major recommendations are listed below:

  • Fine tuning to the air conditioning controls & BMS.
  • Modify the air conditioning control strategies to make it more energy efficient.
  • Fine Tuning to the domestic hot water system.
  • Install solar hot water system.
  • Reduce pool water temperature and use pool cover.
  • Install solar PV System to generate electricity.
  • Replace conventional gas boilers with high efficiency type.

Total annual cost saving was $108,700 with around 7.0 years payback period. Annual GHG avoidance was 554 Tonnes CO2-e

Residential Buildings Energy Consumption Simulation

AESS has successfully completed the energy consumption simulation of two residential buildings in USA. This service included the followings:

  • Building a model for the buildings in a simulation software and as per the architectural drawings.
  • Adding the construction materials of the buildings to the building model in the simulation software including windows and doors.
  • Adding the as-built building services to the building model in the simulation software such as but not limited to HVAC systems, lighting systems, domestic hot water systems…etc.
  • Running an energy consumption simulation for the buildings.
  • Calibrating the energy consumption results in the simulation software to match the actual energy bills within +/- 15%.
St Basil's Aged Care Energy Audit - Randwick Site

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