Solar PV Systems

The solar PV systems became more affordable and more efficient, which makes it easier to the landlord or the building owner to take the decision to install such system in their property. Moreover, electricity prices increases every year, which makes the installation of a solar PV system in any building a necessity.
We have partnered with Cherry Energy Solutions, which is one of the largest solar PV systems installers in Australia. Cherry Energy Solutions can design, supply, install and commission a complete functioning solar PV system for your property.
Solar PV Systems Benefits

Solar PV Systems Benefits

Solar PV systems use the sun, which is a free source of energy to generate electricity that saves the building owner money and in the same time protect the environment. See below the benefits from installing solar PV system in your building:

  • Dramatically reduce energy costs.
  • A rapid and generous return on your investment.
  • Access to free, clean energy from the sun.
  • Significant reduction in your carbon footprint.
  • Future proof your business against rising electricity costs.
  • Battery ready status.

How Solar PV System Works

How Solar PV System Works
Solar systems can be highly technical and difficult to understand. This is why our partner Cherry Energy Solutions come up with a very simple and easy to understand overview of how a solar system works and the components involved in it:
  • When the sun shines it releases energy as sunlight.
  • The solar panels (also known as "PV" or "Photovoltaic" panels) capture the sunlight and transform it into direct current (DC) electricity.
  • The inverter converts the DC electricity generated by the solar panels into 240V alternating current (AC) - the same type of electricity you get from the grid.
  • The AC electricity is then directed to your circuit box to be distributed around your property.
  • Your energy meter measures your energy use and records how much electricity you import from the electricity grid.
  • Any excess electricity that is not consumed or stored is then fed into the electricity grid during the day.
  • The AC electricity generated by the solar panels that is not being used at the time can now be stored with our energy storage unit for future use - so you avoid paying high electricity rates.

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