Building Energy Simulation

Building Energy simulation is basically creating a model for the building in the computer using specialized software that simulates the operation of the building services systems based on the building location climate and the building construction to calculate the energy consumption of the whole building.

Benefits of Building Energy Simulation:

  • Predict the energy consumption of the new building and run the simulation for different Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) and different design alternatives to decide on which measure will achieve the best saving. Examples of ECM are: changing building orientation, higher R value insulation, single or double glazed windows, more efficient HVAC system, high efficiency LED lights…etc.
  • Calculate the energy consumption of an existing building and calibrate the building model in the software to match the actual energy consumption from the energy bills of the building as much as possible and then run the simulation for different ECMs to decide on which replacement or modification to the existing systems will provide more savings.
  • Comply with the building rating tools and/or code compliance.

Who Can Benefit from Building Energy Simulation:

  • Architects to evaluate different design alternatives
  • Sustainability Engineers and Managers
  • Energy Engineers and Managers
  • Energy Consultants
  • Building Services Engineers and Managers
  • Property Managers
  • Building/Facility Managers

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