LED Light Bulbs

Our range of LED light bulbs in various warrages is a direct replacement for energy consuming traditional incandescent globes. The bulbs fit the traditional Bayonet and Edison Screw sockets and have zero electromagnetic emissions and zero interference with other devices. They are perfect for your conventional lamp and ceiling fittings.

Our LED light bulbs are the perfect solution to brighten your surroundings. We are providing filament, candle and dimmable bulbs. From your rentals to schools, hospitals. office spaces and industries; everywhere our bulbs have proven to be super-efficient in performance.

Energy Saving LUMINA - G24 Bulbs

LUMINA - G24 Bulbs

At last an LED replacement for the G23/24 CFL Lamps. This universal G24 socket will fit nearly all existing G23/24 sockets in both 2 & 4 pins. Plug and play in ironcore ballasts (must remove capacitors if fitted) or take the 240 VAC mains supply directly to the lampholder for electronic ballasts. Ideal for all recessed commercial fittings in council buildings, libraries and nursing homes.

Features & Benefits:

  • Universal Socket.
  • High colour rendering index of 80
  • Unique optical design for uniform light beam.
  • Available in frosted cover.

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