Why should you Consider Installing Solar Hot Water System for your property?

Solar hot water system is usually one of our recommendations to our clients to save energy and protect the environment. However, most of our clients complaining that the payback period for this system is long and has low return on investment. This is true but if you consider all the benefits of the solar hot water system, you can see that it is worth the investment and it make sense to have it in your property.

As we all know, the solar hot water system reduces the energy consumption and the energy bills because it uses the free energy from the sun, however, the solar hot water system has more benefits than only saving energy, which are listed below:

  • It uses renewable and secure source of energy because it depends on the sun for heating the water.
  • It is a reliable system that provides hot water year round. When the conventional gas or electric water heater is faulty, it will not provide you with any hot water. On contrary, the solar hot water system will provide you hot water whenever there is a sun in the sky.
  • It requires low maintenance because it has less moving parts. It has only circulating pump(s) for the large central system and it has no moving parts at all for the home system.
  • It reduces the maintenance cost compared to the conventional gas/electric water heater because it reduces the run time and the stress on the gas burner/electric element. This leads to longer service life of the system.
  • It protects the property owner from the increase in energy costs because it uses the free energy from the sun.
  • It is supported by the government because it is type of renewable energy and therefore, you might be eligible for government rebates that reduce your capital cost and make it more attractive investment.
  • It reduces your property carbon footprint because it reduces the greenhouse gases emissions.
  • It increases the value of your property.
  • It attracts the tenants to your property.

There are different types of solar collectors that are used in the solar hot water system but the most two popular types are flat plate and evacuated tubes. We always recommend evacuated tubes collectors to our clients even though they are more expensive for the following reasons:

  • Evacuated Tubes have better heat retention capabilities and generally more heat efficient.
  • It is easier for evacuated Tubes to replace one tube if it is damaged and no need to replace the entire collector like the flat plat type.
  • Evacuated Tubes don’t corrode easily.
  • Evacuated Tubes require less space on the roof than flat plate collectors.
  • Evacuated Tubes are lighter than flat plate collectors.
  • Evacuated Tubes work even in cold weather.
  • Evacuated Tubes produce hotter water than flat plate and therefore, produce more energy.

For a comprehensive review of your hot water system and an energy saving advice, don’t hesitate to contact AESS.

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