Why Energy Audit is Important to the Building Owner and Tenants

As a building owner or a tenant, it is important for you to reduce your expenses to increase your profit. Energy prices (gas & electricity) continue climbing every year and became substantial expenses for the building owner and tenants. In addition to reducing the energy bills, reducing the energy consumption reduces the emissions of the greenhouse gases that lead to global warming and climate change and thus preserve the environment for the coming generations.

Therefore, reducing the energy consumption is becoming a necessity for the building owners and tenants but how and where to start? In any building there are many systems and equipment that consume gas and electricity but which equipment is in good conditions and has high efficiency and which equipment has low efficiency and waste energy. The decision maker in any organization, who wants to reduce the organization energy consumption, needs a clear plan that tells him what and where to implement energy conservation measures to save energy based on energy consumption and financial analysis. Here comes the role of the energy auditor who can prepare this analysis and advise the decision maker.

Our energy audit assesses the conditions and efficiency of all the systems and equipment in the building that consume energy. All the systems and equipment will be inspected from computers and printers to lights, hot water systems, heating and air conditioning systems. We identify the energy saving opportunities and what modification or replacement is required to the systems to improve their efficiency and reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Our energy audit report consists mainly of two parts:

  • Energy consumption analysis for the last two years to identify any anomalies.
  • Energy conservation measures that the facility management needs to implement to achieve the money and energy savings and CO2 emissions avoidance. We estimate for each measure, the cost savings, the implementation cost and the payback period, which means how many years you need to get the implementation cost back from the savings. In addition, we estimate for each measure the CO2 emissions avoidance. We sort the measures from the shortest payback period to the longest one so you can priorities the implementations.

In summary, our energy audit will provide you with a road map on how you can improve the efficiency of your facility and reduce your energy bills.

Below is a summary of the benefits of the energy audit:

  • It helps reduce the energy (electricity & gas) consumption in the facility, which lowers the energy bills.
  • It helps increase the life span of the equipment and systems in the facility.
  • It discovers the unaccounted energy consumption in the facility so you can eliminate it if possible.
  • It helps improving the comfort of the people inside the facility.
  • It helps reduce the greenhouse gas emissions, which leads to reduce the effect of the global warming and climate change.
  • It helps reduce the consumption of natural resources. 

Please contact AESS for a comprehensive energy audit for your facility.


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