How to Prepare a Successful Energy Efficiency Plan for your Organization?

The climate change and global warming are real and we need to take responsibility and try to preserve the environment for the coming generations. Therefore, every organization whether it is big or small should have energy efficiency plan in place to reduce its energy consumption and its carbon footprint. Many organizations are willing to do so but they don’t know where to start and what actions they need to take first and what steps they need to follow to achieve sustainable outcome.

We have prepared the following steps to guide any organization in preparing successful energy efficiency plan for sustainable outcome:

  • The first step is to assign an energy manager in the organization. This energy manager can be one of the organization employees who is interested in energy efficiency and energy management. This energy manager should be able to program the air conditioning thermostat, program timers and program computers and copiers for efficient operation. Provide him with training if required. This energy manager should train other staff on how to use the systems and equipment in the organization efficiently.
  • Prepare an energy efficiency policy for the organization and let it signed by the top management so it becomes part of daily activities and to make the staff commit to it.
  • Schedule energy audits, recommissioning and maintenance to the systems and equipment in the organization to make sure they are tuned for the best efficiency. The energy manager should prepare these schedules along with the maintenance staff.
  • Depending on your budget, work with your energy auditor on action plan and set realistic targets and arrange to implement the energy audit recommendations that have short payback period to give higher return on investment.
  • Set a yearly budget to implement energy audit recommendations and use the savings from the previous energy efficiency projects to fund new projects. Utilize the government grants and rebates to finance your energy efficiency projects.
  • Reward the staff who contribute to energy efficiency to encourage other staff to do so.
  • Provide training to the staff on how to use the systems and equipment in the organization in efficient way to reduce the energy consumption and CO2

If you need help in preparing your energy efficiency plan, don’t hesitate to contact AESS.

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