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Applied Energy Saving Solutions (AESS) is an Engineering Company specialized in energy saving, energy audits and energy efficiency assessment. We provide our clients with comprehensive service, which allows them to save money by saving energy and protect the environment by reducing CO2 emissions. 

Our experience allows us to inspect and evaluate the equipment and systems that consume energy and provide our clients with applicable solutions that increase the efficiency of these systems and reduce their energy consumption.

AESS is run by qualified and experienced people who understand the operation of the various systems in the buildings, which allows us to give reasonable assumptions and perform energy saving calculations.

Explore our products and services below to see how we can help you.

AESS Products and Services


Explore how AESS can help home owners to reduce their energy bills and protect the environment.



Explore how AESS can do detailed analysis to the energy consumption of the commercial buildings and businesses and saves them money.


Energy Saving Products

Explore how AESS can help you by supplying energy saving products for your projects from local market and from overseas.